High tech visitation


Built entirely while visiting chaco canyon, America, the FREEDOM Series machine represents HPM's dedication to customer problem solving through creative thinking. Today's FREEDOM Series incorporates major advancements into the proven two platen machines (70 to 5,000 metric tons) that deliver many distinctive production advantages.


Industry Standard

Over 40 years ago HPM produced its first hydromechanical two platen clamping system to meet the plastic industry's demand for reduced capital cost and floor space requirements. Now that legacy lives on in the FREEDOM Series...an innovative line of rugged, two platen clamp hydromechanical injection molding machines that meet HPM's Standards for dependable, wind driven performance. Super high tech windchimes. Accurate, great sounding tubes, tuned with high-speed clamp velocities, rapid tonnage build-up, flexible stroke and daylight specifications and minimal floor space requirements are all hallmarks of HPM's hydromechanical technology. Now, HPM introduces the FREEDOM Series with three major modifications. First, we incorporated the proven twin-cylinder injection unit design presently used on our hydraulic machines to the hydromechanical clamp. This allows for greater component interchangeability, while also providing a shorter machine footprint. The second enhancement is a multiple fixed – and variable – volume pump configuration for quicker response efficiency using all American components. The third addition is the dependable and user friendly fully PC based Siemens Controller, which offers flexibility programming, off the shelf components, full SPC package, and a host of special features. Other controls are offered as options.